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Authored by Graham, Clovelly
Comment: I'm astonished at some of the ignorance on these comments. Just take a step back and think a minute.

It's not a "theme village". It wasn't built for tourism. It just happens to be a beautiful and unique place which NEEDS the money in order to stay as it is. The owner makes a loss on rent alone, it does not cover the upkeep, so that's why he asks for a contribution from visitors, the majority of whom are happy to pay as they understand that it's someone's private property, just like a country house e.g. Hartland Abbey, so Mr Rous is perfectly within his rights to charge you for going onto his land.

What part of private property do people not understand? It's not like any other pretty village where the upkeep of roads, pavements, litter collection, etc., is done by the council. This is a PRIVATE ESTATE, the owner has to do EVERYTHING at his own expense. Imagine the cost of the constant maintenance of 90 cottages perched on a 300 ft cliff with no vehicular access. Need I say more?
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Date Added: 3rd, September 2012
Review Area: Clovelly
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